Around the Parks: Glen Eden Ski Patrol

By Dave Beynon, Visitor Safety and Patrol Supervisor

Have you ever seen an accident and wished you knew how to help? Have you wanted to be the person who makes a difficult situation better? Well, we like to think you can! The Glen Eden Ski Patrol is all about helping others when they need it the most. So, what does it take to be a patroller at Glen Eden?

To wear that distinctive red jacket with the white cross on the back, patrollers must first take an intensive 60-hour course in Outdoor Emergency Care. Each year thereafter, they must re-certify and refresh their skills including CPR and AED. This prepares them for whatever emergencies they may encounter, whether at Glen Eden or just driving to work.

Responding to emergencies is just part of the patroller’s life at Glen Eden. Our dedicated volunteers are there for the love of the sport and to ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Interacting with guests is a rewarding aspect of being a patroller. Patrollers are experts at leading by example. Things like wearing a properly fitted helmet and keeping equipment in top working order are perfect examples of safe practices patrollers promote everyday.

The daily routine of a patroller includes monitoring the slopes for hazards. Before the slopes are open in the morning, they are checked by a patroller. But it does not end there. Changing weather and surface conditions can affect the safety of our guests. Patrollers are responsible for monitoring and reacting to changing conditions. At the end of the day a patrol final sweep ensures that everyone is safely off the hill. It’s not all work for patrollers. They form a unique bond right from the start of training in early October. This bond is by far the most rewarding part of being a Glen Eden Ski Patroller. The skills learned are carried with us every day when we are not in uniform on the hill.

Our patrollers come from all walks of life. They are parents, students, healthcare providers, industrial workers and people from the business world, but the common thread is the love of the sport and the desire to help people. If you would like more information about the Glen Eden Ski Patrol, or would like to be part of this team, please contact Dave Beynon, Visitor Safety and Patrol Supervisor at Glen Eden by e-mail dbeynon [at] or call 905-878-5011, ext. 280.


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