An Afternoon with Jenny Chan

Jenny strikes a pose like a pro in plaid at Crawford Lake. Photo by Robin Ashton.

By Rafay Agha, Interactive Media Writer, Conservation Halton.

Jenny Chan’s usual perky self is slowed down this sunny August afternoon. It’s her last day with Conservation Halton for the summer and she has a cold. Other people would have called in sick and taken a long weekend, but Jenny isn’t other people. While starting this interview, a grotesque Black Horse Fly lands on the peeling park bench. I react with an audible “ew,” and while Jenny oohs and aahs over how cute it is. She has always been an outdoorsy person, even involved with the Bronte Creek Education Project in high school.

Her penchant for this creepy crawly has everything to do with her being a University of Waterloo grad in Environment and Resource Studies as well as the hours she has spent conducting fieldwork with Nigel Finney, Natural Heritage Ecologist with Conservation Halton.

Jenny is a familiar face around the halls of CH. In 2009, Jenny was involved with a research project as part of a summer position which she discovered via the Conservation Ontario website. “What a great opportunity to expand on what I learnt in school,” she laments. This year she worked with the ecology department again, but as a Species at Risk Assistant with a municipal and provincial mandate towards species such as Eastern Flowering Dogwood.

She lists a leap of self-confidence in regard to fieldwork and becoming BFFs with the Trimble, a laser positioning device, as her biggest accomplishments this summer. When asked about her long-term career aspirations, Jenny threw her head back and chortles: “Kinda ambiguous. I like fieldwork but more into NGOs & social services. Ideally, I would like to help make conservation authorities more to accessible to a greater diversity of people.”

Jenny’s Pet Peeve: People with bad public transit etiquette and bad bike etiquette.

Jenny’s Book Club would include: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins


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One response to “An Afternoon with Jenny Chan

  1. Jenny Chan

    Haha, thanks for this Robin & Rafay. This was really well-written (personable, humorous) and I’m shocked that I didn’t see it any sooner! What a wonderful, albeit embarrassing (I dislike being in the limelight!), article. I look forward to more written pieces in the future.

    – Jenny

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