CH Steve’s Winter Vehicle Care and Driving Tips

You don't want to be this guy

With winter upon us, it’s probably a great time to go over some winter driving tips that will help you stay safe on those slushy streets. So we thought who better than our own Steve K., Coordinator of Fleet & Equipment Services to go over the top 10 things you can do to avoid finding yourself in a slippery situation.

10. Install four matching snow tires if possible (snow tires increase overall traction and stability).

9. Slow down! In the winter, roads are slippery even if they don’t look like they are.

8. Turn off your windshield wipers before turning your car off. If not, your wiper blades could freeze to your windshield. This is especially important overnight as when you start your vehicle the next morning, you risk not only damaging your blades but damaging the windshield wiper system itself. 

7. Slow down! You have more control and can maneuver your vehicle easier at slower speeds. 

6. If you have power windows, don’t put the windows down if they are frozen. You will damage the power window system.  

5. Slow down! Give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.

 4. Clean off all snow on your vehicle. You will have better visibility and if not, you can be fined by the police if you have chunks of snow flying off your vehicle.

 3. Slow down! It is better to arrive late and alive. 

2. Pay attention! Driving in winter conditions requires even more attention to the road.

1. Slow down!



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