World Water Day – March 22 2012

By Beth Anne Fischer, Halton Children’s Water Festival and Volunteer Coordinator


2010 Pineview pic2

In celebration of Canada Water Week and International World Water Day (March 22) W.H. Morden Public School in Oakville is implementing the Stream of Dreams program. From March 19 – 22 all the students in the school will learn about ways to protect water and paint a wooden “dream fish.”

These fish, which were cut and diligently prepared by the grade seven and eight students will be installed on the school’s fence in a decorative mural. The mural will serve as a reminder to the students and the broader community to take care of water for the benefit of human health and all creatures that depend on aquatic ecosystems.

2010 St. Andrew pic2

Stream of Dreams teaches students about where the water in our homes comes from, where it goes after we use it and the hidden pathway from storm drains to creeks/lakes. Most students (and many adults) do not know that the water that goes down the storm drain (the square grate on the road) goes directly into waterways without being treated. This can cause problems as many people commonly dump items down the storm drain that are harmful to our ecosystems and water quality.

Some of the items doing damange to our water ways:
– Soapy water
– Motor oil
– Pool water
– Sand
– Paint water
– Cooking oil
– Garbage
– Cleaning chemicals

Take some time on Thursday March 22 to learn how to properly dispose of these contaminates, celebrate water and reflect on the vital role it plays in all or our lives!

Learn More:

For more information on the Stream of Dreams or other education programs that Conservation Halton offers, click here.



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2 responses to “World Water Day – March 22 2012

  1. Alison

    Our school had an amazing time learning about keeping our waterways clean and healthy. The Conservation Halton team brought great props, resources, and information making the presentations both informative and interesting for students from K-8. Thank you for providing this program and this amazing opportunity! (The fish mural just went up yesterday and it looks amazing!)

    • Thanks for letting us know about your experience with the Stream of Dreams project. It’s wonderful knowing that it means as much to you as it does to us! I’ll be sure to pass on your kind message to our program coordinators – we’re sure they’ll be thrilled to hear your feedback!

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