Early summer temps or not, our maple festivals are underway at Mountsberg and Crawford Lake Conservation Areas.

On until April 9th 2012, they’re the perfect break from the glare of an electronic device, highway gridlock and expensive multiplex theatres. How can you resist stopping by for a walk around the lake, fresh pancakes, a chance to see how maple syrup is made, forgotten customs and even sample maple snow cones? You can’t. We had you at “maple snow cones.” Click here to find out more.

Earlier this month we ran a giveaway. We asked you to submit your sweet songs (songs with ‘sweet’sugar‘ or ‘maple‘ in the titles) and did you ever get into it! We got a lot of responses (so many of you remembered the seminal classic Sugar Sugar by The Archies…one entry even pointed out the Canadian connection (Canadian pop crooner, Andy Kim, wrote the song!).

We went ahead and created a mixtape of most of the songs suggested. Click the image below to check out the mixtape in iTunes [iTunes will launch in a seperate window].

As promised, we also picked out three winners at random. These three are:

Laurie Perry
Sabrina Binny-Mantel
Anne Pacak

If you’re on of the three names mentioned above, email us (web [@] hrca [dot] on [dot] ca) with your mailing address and we’ll send out your maple prize packs ASAP!

If you didn’t win this time, don’t fret. We have more contests coming up this spring and summer, so stay in touch via your preferred social media platform!


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