Remembering John MacLennan

This speech, honouring Conservation Halton Board member John MacLennan, was given by Jean Williams, Board member (citizen appointee for the City of Mississauga), at our annual Conservation Awards of Excellence on June 07, 2012.  CH posthumously awarded John with the Ralph Sherwood Honour Roll accolade. John passed away on December 3rd 2011. He was a citizen appointee to our Board of Directors, representing the City of Hamilton from 2002 to 2010.

“As a long time member of the Board of Directors of Conservation Halton, it has been my pleasure to welcome and get to
know many remarkable individuals who have joined us over the years.

In 2002 we welcomed John, a new citizen appointee from the Town of Flamborough.

We were on a number of subcommittees together, our favourite being the Resource Planning and Water Management Advisory Committee. Thursdays at three, this committee would squeeze into Conservation Halton vans and travel the highways and byways of the watershed carrying out our site inspections.

On one of these occasions, we went to the Waterdown North Wetlands Trail that John had helped develop. As we walked the trail, John told us about the history behind the creation of the trail, the work that had gone on over the years to create the area we were then enjoying. He talked about the flora and fauna now making this area their home including a rare alligator. As you can appreciate, we all thought he was teasing us with the tale of an alligator, but we go around a corner and what do we see under a bush but a blue alligator! It was a stone alligator painted blue which I understand had been installed by John!

John’s sense of humour was always appreciated by the board and staff.

He was a great raconteur of many a tale.

He had a particular interest in whether staff were referring to an area of square metres or was it metres squared!

It’s obvious from his professional teaching life and awards that he really cared about our younger generations and the future they will inherit.

John was very passionate about protecting our natural heritage for present and future generations. When we were looking at a plan for new roads to go through a forested area or wetlands, John would always express concern and seek an alternative route. He was very supportive of staff in their efforts to “protect and enhance the natural environment from lake to escarpment for present and future generations.”

Conservation Halton and its watershed benefited by John’s contributions over the eight years he was with us. Thank you John, your environmental legacy will live on. Thank you to Sandra and family for sharing John with us. We miss him and remember him.”


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  1. Thank you so much for recognizing my dad’s efforts at Conservation Halton. He loved to tell his stories and jokes over and over, and it is wonderful that there are so many people continuing to tell them for him. You have no idea the lengths he went to, to get that alligator in the wetland!

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