Halton Forest Festival 2012

Another week, another festival, another guest blogger! Unlike the Halton Children’s Water Festival, the Halton Forest Festival has a public day component! Come join us, we’d love to have you! This blog, written by Forest Festival coordinator, Sasha Benevides, is a peek into how she was feeling in the weeks, days and hours spent planning for Halton’s first Forest Festival. Here’s what she had to say:

“The first annual Halton Forest Festival is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited and anxious to see it all come together.  It has been just about a year of planning and I’m finally getting a genuine look at what this festival has become.

After focusing on our educational days, reviewing programming and completing inventory, for what seemed like forever– what brings me peace of mind is knowing that we have 24 fun and interesting activities that I hope will intrigue and engage the nearly 1000 students that are set to attend next week. After all, it was a grade eight field trip not so different than our festival that sparked my interest in the environment and I think back on that often when I roll into work each morning.

A big goal of mine throughout the planning process was making the event fun, while getting students outside (rain or shine!), looking at their forests with a more comprehensive set of eyes.  Especially in a growing community where we often see land developed, converted or fragmented it is important to reflect on the role our forests play in our environment and why they’re so important. Forests clean our air, water, provide a critical resource but they’re also a beautiful and interesting place to enjoy and preserve. Just go take a hike through the fall colours and you will know exactly what I mean.”

A special thanks to the Forest Festival Sponsors:

Old-Growth Forest Level:

Tree Level:

– AECOM – Aird & Berlis – Cole Engineering- – Town of Halton Hills – Halton-Peel Woodlands and Wildlife Stewardship Council – Lafarge – Town of Milton – Town of Oakville – R.V. Anderson Associates – Thomson, Rogers


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