Green is the new pink and red on Valentine’s Day


Image via Pinterest

Every year we rush out to buy our sweethearts a card, a box of chocolates, some flowers, maybe even something a bit more extravagant like jewelry or treating them to a night out at a nice restaurant. We do these things as tokens of our love and affection. But Valentine’s Day can be expensive, the gifts fleeting and quite often end up in the darkest recesses of the junk closest. It’s also incredibly wasteful when you consider things like gift wrap, gift bags, cellophane wrap, flowers, cards and dollar store decorations we usually dump by the weekend following V-Day. Here are some ideas and tips on how to have a relatively guilt-free Valentine’s Day!

  • Enjoy each other’s company & expand your winter activity repertoire – go on a winter camping adventure together! (via @pineryprovpark)
  • Going for a romantic moonlight snowshoe hike (shameless plug alert! Click here to register for this weekend!) and enjoying the physical and mental health boosts of getting active in nature together! (via @ConOnt)
  • Instead of buying flowers, begin an indoor garden together. It’s something you can do together and the best-before date goes well beyond the week or so flowers will last! (via @CGaspic)
  • Cook a dinner with local ingredients. Try out that local root vegetable you always pass up for imported varieties! 
  • Nostalgia! Go for a Valentine’s day skate. 
  • If you wish to give jewelry, consider pre-owned or vintage. If not, purchase from jewelers who are certified to be sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ecological and socially responsible manner.
  • Still stuck on baubles? Off-beat materials are all the rage: wooden rings or reclaimed materials make for great statement pieces. 
  • Get crafty! Make your own cards from left over materials from Christmas and birthdays! Not the crafty type? Try buying cards that don’t come in plastic wrap and are locally made (you’ll be surprised how much variety there is in local card-making). Recycled paper sources also help.
  • Cards 2.0: send an e-card. Tweet your sweetie and announce your love to the world (or at least your followers).

Any other suggestions? We’ll be adding to this list all day. Use the hashtag #CHLove and we’ll post your tips to this blog!


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