Despite the cold weather and snow, we were able to plant over 3,000 trees at the Kelso Quarry during our Earth Day Tree Planting event on April 20, 2013 with the help of our dedicated volunteers!  As a token of appreciation we presented each of you with a Seed Heart made by Haliburton, Ontario’s Wall Flower Studios.


What exactly is a Seed Heart?

Made with soil, clay and native seeds like Blue Vervain, Brown Eyed Susan, Wild Bergamot and Evening Primrose, these Seed Hearts are an easy way to plant wildflowers and naturalize your surroundings this spring.


No need to stress over whether or not your plants are surviving, the clay and water work to nurture the seed while the soil enriches them as they mature.  They also help eliminate common problems loose seeds sometimes face, such as being:

–          blown away by wind

–          eaten by birds or rodents

–          baked by the sun, removing seed’s vitality, or

–          carried off by excessive rain

You can crumble the Seed Heart and spread it out across a patch in your yard, or leave it whole in a pot with soil, water and watch it bloom!  (Recipe can be found here)

So we encourage Halton to look for native plants this spring, a full list for native wildflower/butterfly garden species can be found here, and check species before planting in your yard to avoid spreading or introducing invasive and non-native varieties.

Happy planting from our garden to yours!



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  1. I love these seed hearts! (Wild Bergamot is my favourite native I think, looks AND SMELLS great! and the butterflies love its nectar.).

    Also on the Conservation Halton Website is the Native Plant List showing what butterflies use that plant as a larval host and other useful information! Butterfly larval host plants:
    Or plants by needs:

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