Written By: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

Here at Conservation Halton Digital Media we are kicking the covers off, and rolling our hands through our bedhead after a long winter hibernation. While the ice is melting and new life is budding on the trees, tweets and instagrams are sprouting and blooming on our social media channels. We are springing forth from our slumber for Flapjack Olympics, gooey maple syrup, the birth of sweet baby bunnies, and frogs peeping softly into the evening.

Many Frogs Peeping

Although we are sad to pack away our beloved our skies, we are unfurling our branches and wings over Hilton Falls; our blog is atwitter with new posts; and our Youtube videos snapping open to the sun.

monarch butterfly conservation halton

We’re here to listen, we’re here to talk, we’re here for your stories.


We are serious about stewardship of our diverse ecological spaces, and we are serious about sharing the continuing stories of Conservation Halton. Our role, and our goal, is to nurture the online discourse: we want to talk to you, we want to hear from you, because #WeAreHere, and not only do we want to share our stories, but we are listening to yours. The seven parks are the heart of Halton.

From the view of Rattlesnake Point,


to the slopes of Glen Eden,

Glen Eden

to the play barns of Mountsberg,

Mountsberg Play Barn

—the parks of Conservation Halton are united in preserving our spaces to serve the environment and the community. After a long difficult winter, #WeAreHere.



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