“It Takes a Dedicated Team” – Our friend, Commander Chris Hadfield

Written By: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

“Imagine if this was our classroom”. The staff of Conservation Halton work every day to fulfill this idea: we protect, restore, and manage 10,000 sq. km for the delight and benefit for the generations of today and tomorrow. We believe in responsible stewardship of the watershed and the forest of the Niagara Escarpment for you. Not only are we committed to nature, but we are also committed to community outreach and educational efforts. We work together with the municipal and provincial authorities to protect and enhance the natural environment; we work together with the community with educational outreach programs to engage every age and demographic to share our knowledge about the parks. We work together. We hope, and strive, for a synthesis between our diverse community and our diverse natural space.

I’ll leave the rest to the eloquent speech from our friend, Commander Chris Hadfield.


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