Grindstone Falls – The End of Canada Water Week 2014

Grindstone Falls

Grindstone Falls

Written By: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

What was once in a deluge of soot and pollution, now flows clean, restored by the local Waterdown residents. Once the force of power for a saw mill, Grindstone Falls is in a beautiful park with an observation platform. Grindstone Creek accounts for fourteen percent of total flow into Hamilton Harbour.

All of the creeks, river, streams, tributaries, and lakes contribute to the watershed. Grindstone Creek contributes a significant amount of flow into Hamilton Harbour, cycling water through the water system, filtering pollutants in the groundwater.

Why is it so important to protect, and enhance healthy watersheds? Watersheds are necessary for human, ecological, and even economical health. A healthy watershed positively affects tourism, our energy, and our agriculture.

Conservation Halton maintains a healthy watershed through: watershed stewardship and resource management, environmental planning and resource management, drinking water source protection, flood protection and planning, and lastly education and recreation opportunities.

At the end of Canada Water Week please think of ways you can conserve water to protect and preserve our watershed.


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