The Land of Syrup & Sugar: Making Maple Candy

Written By: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

Chewy Maple Candy

Chewy Maple Candy

Few things are as decadent as chewy maple candy popped out of the mold. Maple candy is made from maple syrup round the clock in the Candy Cabin at Maple Town.

Maple Town Candy Cabin

Ground Zero

First the maple syrup is poured into a pot to boil.

In the Candy Cabin

Practically Perfect

 Soft Maple needs to boil at 110 degree celsius for a few minutes.

Heat and Maple Syrup

Boiling maple syrup at different temperatures makes different kinds of maple candy from taffy to soft chewy to hard candy.

Boiling Hot

The spoon is laid in a pot of hot water to prevent sugar hardening and clumping.

Maple Syrup Boiling

The heat boils away the water in the maple syrup.

The maple syrup roils and boils over on the stove top to evaporate the water and concentrate the sugar.

Tools of Attrition

 Maple candy is easy to make. Only one ingredient is used, maple syrup, and few tools are needed to make the candy.


Stirred, not shaken

After the syrup cools for a few minutes, you must rapidly stir the maple syrup to introduce air into the mix.

Peanut Butter Consistency

Peanut Butter Consistency

Stir until the the liquid reaches peanut butter consistency.

Maple Leaf Molds

Pour the mixture into the your chosen mold. We use a maple leaf design.


Pour some sugar on me

After the mixture is poured into the mold, spread the mixture evenly across the mold using a spatula.

Maple Syrup

Almost there!

As soon as the maple candy is cool, pop the candies out of the mold and enjoy.

Et Voila!

Et Voila!



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