The Great Eggsplorer: Who Could It Be?

Conservation Halton Contest

A Cracking Good Time

Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

If you have peered and peeked around the Conservation Halton website during the month of April, you may have come across multi-coloured easter eggs stolen away in the images, through the links, and on the pages. We enjoyed our partnership with the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs across the website and write clever clues for eggsplorers. We hope you enjoyed playing with us too.

Without further egg-dieu, the winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Tracey Beach

Second Prize Winner: Holly Ballentine

Third Prize Winner: Cathy Cake


Congratulations to our Winners!


If anyone has feedback about the contest or the Conservation Halton website, please contact us here:


We’re very interested to hear what you think about the set-up of the contest, the structure of the website, and if you learned anything new while browsing the website!


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