Raptor of the Month for May: Pawgwashiing Migizi the Bald Eagle

Pawgwashiing Migizi

Pawgwashiing Migizi

 Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

Pawgwashiing Migizi is a five-year old, female, Bald Eagle . She is one of the Raptors at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre. Pawgwashiing Migizi . She does not have the skills to live and hunt in the wild because she of an injury to her left wing. If she was released, she would not survive on her own.

Pawgwashijng Migizi (“Pawgwa”, for short– her full name is Ojibway and translates to “Bald Eagle of the Shallow Water”) came to Mountsberg from Pays Plat First Nations near Thunder Bay Ontario after she had been found as a 4-month-old youngster wandering along a lakeshore. She was picked up and taken to a vet, who x-rayed her wing and discovered a poorly healed broken bone. Likely, Pawgwa fell from her nest. Because of her injury, she will never be able to fly.

Pawgwashiing Migizi Enjoys the Spring Sunshine

Pawgwashiing Migizi Enjoys the Spring Sunshine

The Bald Eagle is native to North America and resides mostly in Alaska and Canada. They prefer to live near water and coastal areas where fish are bountiful. Bald Eagles can live for nearly thirty years in the wild, and it is believed that the birds mate for life. Bald Eagles were hunted and devastated by the effects of DDT, and habitat loss was enough to land them on the Endangered Species List. Recovery efforts and the banning of DDT were able to recoup the native North American Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagles primarily eat fish: they have ’spicules’ on their talons to help them catch fish in the water. When a Bald Eagle catches a fish that is too heavy to lift out of the water the bird will row itself to shore using its wings. Although they prefer to hunt and eat fish, Bald Eagles are opportunistic, and will find food by hunting, scavenging, and even stealing prey from other raptors.

Pawgwashiing Migizi

Pawgwashiing Migizi’s favourite food is rabbit. In her spare time she loves sunning, bathing in her turtle pool, and bird-watching. Pawgwashiing Migizi doesn’t watch birds to hunt them, she watches birds because she is a very curious, and intelligent bird. She needs intellectual stimulation, and through the Raptor of the Month program, we at Conservation Halton are able to provide her with enrichment programs. Please donate now!

Disclaimer: Not all of our Raptors of the Month are available for a Raptor Encounter. The staff will do their best for you to meet the lovely Raptor of the Month, but sometimes mitigating circumstances arise, or the Raptor is not an education bird. Our staff will do their best for you to meet your choice of bird, but please mind the fact that our beloved raptors have needs of their own.

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