Do You Know a (Conservation) Hero?

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Written By: Norm Miller, Communications Advisor 

That is a question we at Conservation Halton are asking everybody we can right now. We’re asking our staff, our board members, people we know, and even people we don’t know.

You might ask, why do we want to know?  And who, or what, is a hero? The dictionary defines a hero as “a mythical or legendary figure” as well as being “admired for his (or her) achievements and noble qualities.”

So the reason we ask, “Do you know a Conservation Hero?” is because Conservation Halton will present its annual Conservation Halton Awards in June, and we’re looking for you to nominate a local hero (or heroes).

Our definition of hero is probably more in line with the whole achievements thing. The heroes we have recognized are definitely not a myth, but their feats are legendary in our humble opinion.

The Conservation Halton Awards recognize people, groups and organizations in our watershed who have worked hard to protect, preserve, or enhance our environment. You can show your appreciation for a local environmental hero by nominating them for a Conservation Halton Award.

No effort is too small, and no organization is too big to be nominated. Over the years, Conservation Halton Award recipients have ranged from the person quietly cleaning up garbage in their neighbourhood, to people who have planted trees or inspired others to be more environmentally conscious, as well as nationally known corporations.

We’re hoping you have the answer to the question we’re asking, “Do you know a Conservation Hero”, and will take a few minutes right now, to go to our website, and submit a nomination.

Candidates for an award can be nominated by any individual or organization. Nominations must be received by midnight on Friday, May 16, 2014 and can be submitted online at Conservation Halton Awards, or by calling 905-336-1158, Ext. 2233.

The Conservation Halton Awards have eight categories and nominating is easy: Citizen, Citizen (Youth), Community, Corporate, Education (Individual), Education (Group or School), Media / Blogger and Stewardship.


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