Our Raptor of the Month for July is Golden: Ayasha, The Golden Eagle



Ayasha Raptor of the Month

 Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

Ayasha, which is Cheyenne for “Little One”, is actually the largest of the Raptor Centre’s resident birds! Not much is known about her history, save that she is a mature adult who has been deemed non-releasable by the Ontario MNR. Ayasha lays eggs every year, so it is believed she was a breeding bird before she came to the Raptor Centre Golden eagles are powerful birds who have been known to tackle prey the size of yearling caribou! Visit her on the Wildlife Walkway!

Ayasha the Golden Eagle

About Golden Eagles:

Golden Eagles are the largest raptor species in North America, and they live in the Northern Hemisphere. Golden Eagles are generalist hunters and will hunt anything from hares to deer and wolves! Golden Eagles are monogamous and territorial: the pairs often mate for life rearing one chick per breeding cycle. Golden Eagles prefer open areas to dense forests, and can be seen floating on thermals.

In Mongolia, children, usually boys, train and raise a fledgling Golden Eagle as their partner to hunt. The hunters will ride to the top of the mountain to spot wolves, foxes, and deer. Once prey has been targeted, the hunter and the Eagle will work in tandem to capture the prey. Golden Eagles in the wild are solitary and will hunt prey by themselves, however, Golden Eagles are not above scavenging in the cold Winter months.

Ayasha is not a program bird but you are welcome to wave hello to her on the Wildlife Walkway at Mountsberg Raptor Centre. For more information about our Raptor of the Month program, please click here.




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