Chick-a-dee-dee-dee: Winter Creature Feature

Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

Unlike many birds that migrate south to warmer climates, the little Chickadees nestle into their little homes in trees. The Chickadee has two major adaptations to cope with the cold. The first one is physical and the second one behavioural. When the winter weather arrives, the chickadees lowers its body temperature ten to twelve degrees celsius. To clarify, it doesn’t lower it’s temperature to ten degrees, it lowers its temperature by that amount.

The second adaptation is that Chickadees are able to change their diet with the season. Adjusting its eating preferences to the season means that the Chickadee is a highly adaptable creature. It needn’t expend the energy migrating to find food elsewhere. Some animals eat only one type of food, and thus their survival is challenged when the one food source is depleted. Chickadees, similar to humans, eat a variety of food. Chickadees will eat insects for protein like spiders during the spring, summer, and fall, but when protein is sparse, like in the winter months, Chickadees change their diet to berries and seeds!

Come out to Halton Parks and meet a Chickadee at Hilton Falls. Hold your hand out with delicious birdseed and a new feathered friend will come and say hello!


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