Enjoy Winter Indoors: Make a DIY Snow Globe

Winter Snow Globes

Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

When you’re snowed in, unable to make it out for a walk in a Winter Wonderland like Halton Parks, make Winter happen indoors. (No shovelling required!) The above Winter themed snow globes are easy and cheap to make! Now that the children are home for the winter holidays, why not involve them in decorating the house for the season? These snow globes would look beautiful as centre pieces on the dinner table, or decorating the mantel piece.

materialsYou will need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Fluffy Cotton (Find the fake snow at the dollar store!)
  • Spray paint in metallic colours
  • Winter themed dollar store figurines
  • Pretty tree figurines
  • Glitter for a little something extra!

Step One: Use either the gold or silver spray paint and cover the dollar store figurines. Only spray paint in a well ventilated area.

mason jar

Step Two: Line the bottom of a mason jar with the cotton snow. (You can also use epsom salts as a snow layer).

Step Three: Arrange the figurines inside the mason jar to your taste. We found our snow layer was too thick, so we thinned out the snow and then arranged the figurines on top.

Step Four: Add a little fancy! We sprinkled silver and gold glitter over the snow.

Step Five: Step back and admire your handiwork!

Once you’ve arranged your beautiful snow globe, check out the events at the parks. Bundle up and venture outside for winter fun on a sleigh ride through Mountsberg, feeding the Chickadees at Hilton Falls, or snowshoeing at Crawford Lake!


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