Our Final Raptor of the Month for 2014: Nahanni the Gyrfalcon


Similar to our other feature raptors, Slate the Peregrine Falcon, and Ayasha the Golden Eagle, Nahanni was a captive bred bird that came to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre as a human imprint.

 Gyrfalcons have been highly regarded by falconers throughout falconry’s history. A status bird, in the middle ages, only a king could hunt with a Gyrfalcon, however, it’s documented that Catherine the Great and Mary, Queen of Scots, respectively, favoured the gyrfalcon when hunting.



The Gyrfalcon is the largest true falcon in the world, and they are an arctic bird. The Gyrfalcon diet consists of mostly birds, especially ptarmigan, but they also like small mammals ranging in size from voles to hares.

Nahanni is a charismatic member of the Mountsberg Raptor Centre team. Thank you for helping Nahanni at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre!


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