Grow an Indoor Garden with a Terrarium

A delightful pop of green during the grey winter.

A delightful pop of green during the grey winter.

Written by: Karlee May, Digital Media Coordinator

It’s after the holidays and outside looks dingy, grey, and barren. We miss looking out over the Escarpment and seeing the many different vibrant shades of green across the landscape. We decided to bring outside indoors with a terrarium. Terrariums are quick, easy, and cheap to make! Not only are they easy to plant and maintain, they are a beautiful decoration indoors. You can involve little helpers or plant the terrariums by yourself.

Decide whether you want a succulent or a fern terrarium because ferns and succulents have different needs. If you choose to plant a succulent terrarium, the jar needs to be open and near a window. Succulents love a warm and dry environment. We didn’t have lids for the mason jars so we didn’t make a fern terrarium. Ferns like moist environments and a sealed mason jar is a great home. If you decide to build a fern terrarium, air the jar once in a while to protect against mold. We can enjoy nature and the environment year round with terrariums. You may even notice your mood brightens when you’re around plants!

To learn more about Nature’s Spaces in our watershed, please visit our website!


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