A New Addition at the Raptor Centre

baby barn owl

Our Baby Barn Owl!

Written by: Sandra Davey, Mountsberg Raptor Centre Lead

The Mountsberg Raptor Centre staff are pleased to announce a new addition to the Raptor Centre team. Meet our baby Barn Owl, Shadow!

Shadow the Baby Barn Owl

This bird, who arrived at the Raptor Centre on March 3rd, was bred in captivity and is imprinted on humans. Shadow hatched on January 27th 2015 and has been growing at a very steady rate! This picture shows Shadow on its first day at the Raptor Centre.

Shadow the Baby Barn Owl

Like all babies, ours likes to spend a lot of time eating and sleeping. Sometimes we catch it sleeping in some very awkward positions!

It’s amazing to watch Shadow change and grow day by day. What started off as a very fuzzy baby is now turning into a bird with lots of feathers.

Our baby now enjoys spending time stretching its legs and wings, and getting to know its new human coworkers.  While it will still be awhile before this bird is ready to meet the public, we will continue to share photos as it grows and develops. We won’t be able to make a reliable guess as to gender until the bird is done growing. Please join us in welcoming Shadow to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre!


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