Three Ways to Get Involved with the Conservation Halton Foundation

Written by: Lisa Turza, Development Officer

You’ve grown up to believe that our environment is incredibly important; is actually essential to all of human existence. You plant native trees and plants in your yard. You don’t run the faucet while you brush your teeth. You are an environmental champion. But if you are looking for new ways to get involved in working so preserve our local environment, here are six ways that you can get involved with us, and make a difference in your community!

The Deer Clan Longhouse

The Deer Clan Longhouse

1: Go Beyond this Blog Post: Read about what we’ve got going on! There are many projects to support, so find out which one speaks to you! If you believe in educating students about our water and forest resources, then the Halton Children’s Water Festival, or Halton Forest Festival are for you! Are you intrigued by our native Ontario birds of prey? Have a look at how you can help to feed the eagles. Get involved with us and help save an endangered species, purchase lands to protect them forever from development or build a completely new trail network for everyone to enjoy. There are many exciting things going on in your community, find out how you would like to get involved!

2: Donate: So you now know what we’re all about, you’ve read about the Conservation Halton Foundation on our website, and seen a few of the cool things that are done to help preserve the environment. You can support these projects by donating. You can go on Canada Helps, or call us at 905-336-1158 to give. You can give directly to the project that you feel most passionate about, or you can give to our greatest need. By donating, you are investing in the success of the project you believe in. In many ways, our donors make it possible to achieve these great results, and we thank you so much for offering your support to meet these goals.

3: Host your Own Event: Invite your friends to get involved with your passion for saving the environment. Invite them over for an Earth Hour games night (coming up on Saturday March 28!), or an environmental themed movie night. Get together and raise money for your favourite project while having fun with your friends at the same time! Share your event pictures with us and we’d be happy to post them! Show us how much fun saving the environment can be!

Three MORE Ways to get involved with the Conservation Halton Foundation

1: Become a Leader at Your School: Oh the classic bake sale, does it ever go out of style? Educate your fellow students about how you are helping the Conservation Halton Foundation projects, and have them eat your green sweet treats!

2: Visit the Parks: By getting involved with Conservation Halton’s seven Conservation Areas, you are getting closer to what the Conservation Halton Foundation is all about. Projects funded by the Foundation can be found in all of the parks. Come for a Hike to see the Deer Clan Longhouse at Crawford Lake, or take a walk on the Wildlife Walkway at Mountsberg. Our amazing community of donors contribute to projects all around the parks.

3: Keep Being You: Just by taking a moment to think about how you can help to protect the environment in your everyday life, you are making sure that you are doing all you can to support what you believe in: a greener future. Tell us about what you are doing to save the environment every day!


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