Shadow the Barn Owl Takes Flight!

Written by: Sandra Davey, Mountsberg Raptor Centre Lead

Do you remember this little face?

Well, at 4 months of age, Shadow the Barn Owl is all grown up and now looks like this!

Shadow the Barn Owl

Shadow has become an absolute pro at his job of being an education ambassador. He is doing well in school programs, photo shoots, and Raptor Encounters, and has travelled offsite with us a few times now. There is one last skill that he is working on perfecting and that is his flying!

Our education ambassadors are taught the skills they need using positive reinforcement and small steps towards the final goal behaviour. Shadow started his flight training by learning to hop to the gloved hand for a small piece of meat. He has now progressed to flying free in our netted Flyway distances of 30 feet or more to his trainer for a food reward. Now he just needs an audience! Did you know that the Raptor Centre is offering presentations Monday to Friday at 2:15 in addition to our regularly scheduled weekend shows? Join us for one of our weekday shows and you just might get to be one of Shadow’s first audiences! For more information about the Mountsberg Raptor Centre, go to

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