5 Great Benefits of Camping

Written by: Craig Machan, Area Manager for Hilton Falls, Rattlesnake Point, Mount Nemo

Ontario is a great place to enjoy nature and there is no better way of truly soaking it in, than camping.  Ontario’s Conservation Areas offer amazing opportunities to take your family out to enjoy a night in nature with over 8400 camp sites.  At Conservation Halton, Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area has camp sites to take your family or group of friends to get a taste of the outdoors while staying close to home. Enjoy camping at Rattlesnake Point with your family and friends. Get a taste of the outdoors while staying close to home!

I loved camping when I was a kid, and now I share this passion with my wife and daughters.

Why do we camp?

  1. Just to get away.  It doesn’t matter if you travel 3 hours or 15 minutes, you’ll feel a world away from home.  When my family and I are set up, and settled in, I feel peacefulness and relaxation come over me. You’ll find you sleep better, and even your thinking clears.
  2. Electronics? What electronics?  Like a lot of people, we use tablets and smartphones for personal use and professional use.  The kids enjoy playing their favourite video games. When we are camping, those devices are soon forgotten.   Instead of crafting buildings with pixelated blocks, my daughters are out and building real structures with sticks and stones for their dolls and trucks. For me, the cell phone is put away and the only buzzing and chirping are the insects and birds.
  3. The memories.  I will never forget the excitement my daughters had catching their first fish!  The look on each of their faces was truly memorable.  Or the time we sat beside Lake Huron and watched the most amazing sunset we had ever seen!  Sometimes it is only the memories of camping that get us through the long, harsh winters we experience living in our area.
  4. It’s cheap.  Like many young families, there is always something that needs the attention of our hard earned money.  Whether it is clothes for my ever growing girls, or money for the next field trip at school, money always seems to fly out the door.  Camping is a great cost effective way to head out on the vacation we so deserve.  For around $50 per night, you can spend a night away.  Good luck trying to do anything with your family for that price!
  5. It brings us together.  Yeah sure, we eat all our meals at the dinner table, we play board games, and we spend time together at home.  But nothing beats the conversations around the camp fire with a S’more (or in my case, a roasted hot dog) in our hands. Or the teamwork of trying to find a geocache. The laughs and smiles seem endless.

As you can see, camping is a wonderful experience to share with your friends and family. I think it should be our national past time.  If you haven’t been in a while, go! It will be a trip you never forget! Find out more information about camping at Conservation Halton here!


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