Thank you to our Partners!

Written by Craig Machan, Area Manager for Mount Nemo, Rattlesnake Point, and Hilton Falls

Recently I was asked by the Ontario Access Coalition to write them a letter in support of the great work they have done with Conservation Halton.  After writing the letter, it got us thinking about all the great organizations and companies we work with, who love the outdoors and value the experiences we have in our great Parks.

Conservation Halton have worked with the OAC for over 10 years!  The OAC is a volunteer, not-for-profit group of great people who work with land managers, like Conservation Halton, to keep climbing areas open in an environmentally responsible manner.  Along with the Alpine Club of Canada, the OAC is instrumental in the installation of the bolting project at Rattlesnake Point.  They organize the annual Crag Stewardship Day each spring at Rattlesnake Point where volunteers from the climbing community come and help control invasive species and clean up the garbage left behind over the winter.  They are an expert group, and resource for our staff.

The Bruce Trail Association and the Halton Agreement Forest Trails Association are other groups of hardworking volunteers whom help us maintain Halton Parks, so that our parks are open and ready for the enjoyment of park users.  The Bruce Trail Association was instrumental in getting the trails open after the ice storm in 2013.  HAFTA is a great link for us with the mountain biking community.  They educate and inform mountain bikers about how to do it in a responsible manner.

Not only do we get to work with great volunteer groups but also corporate partners as well.  Whether it is the climbing schools like Zen Climb or One Axe Pursuits who teach and train people to become knowledgeable, responsible and safe climbers at Rattlesnake Point or Devinci who sponsors the weekly Mountain Bike Race Series at Kelso, we couldn’t succeed without their support.

We are lucky to work with our partners, and to have their support.  Everyone who visits a Halton Park benefits from their support.


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