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Camping for Beginners: Close to Home

Written by: Erin Worgan

Camping in Halton Parks

You may be in the comfort of your home surfing the web, when you read this, and think, why would I possibly want to go camping? If you and your family are new to camping, camp at Kelso or Rattlesnake Point for a trial run before you try camping on a grander scale. Camping at one of the Conservation Halton parks can allow you and your family to experience camping without the total commitment, and without losing certain comfortable amenities that are lost when truly “roughing it” (like toilets).  

Camping at one of Conservation Halton’s parks allows for a fun experience without the congested four-hour drive up north to Muskoka. Kelso and Rattlesnake have clean facilities that include running water, flushable toilets, a fire pit and picnic tables.  Best of all, these parks are close enough to stay for as short or as long as you and your outdoor heart desires. For that reason many people are now “solo camping” as it is said to be an eye opening trip of silence and reflection. Realizing who you are when you are alone and in the quiet of nature can be very rewarding for some.

Kelso and Rattlesnake Point parks have an endless list of activities for you to enjoy. On any given day at the parks you can go for a hike, take a picnic, go rock climbing, mountain biking, take a swim, paddle the lake, go fishin’, or learn a thing or two about nature from some outdoor or wildlife experts. At every site there is also a fire pit, and nothing says fun like sitting by a campfire and having a cookout under the stars.

Like any campsite, there are a few things to remember when camping at Kelso and Rattlesnake, specifically regarding the policies on park etiquette. Please note that only the firewood purchased at Kelso or Rattlesnake can be used at the fire pits on site. A full detailing of all of Conservation Halton’s camping guidelines can be reviewed here: Conservation Halton Rules & Requirements.

Whether you are the “solo camper”, an avid adventurer, or are a family of campers young and old: Conservation Halton Parks are for you! Would you rather stay in a five-star location or a billion-star location? You will never know until you try and the campgrounds at Conservation Halton Parks are waiting for you. You can even book your campsite online or to get more information visit our camping page at http://www.conservationhalton.ca/camping


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